Home automation is here to stay and will only become more prominent in our lives as time goes by. The home of today is intelligent and will continue to become more intelligent as technology progresses and more aspects within and outside of the home become more dependent on automation.

With our busy lives, schedules and our larger homes, living is becoming more difficult. Automation makes operating our technologically endowed homes easier and frees up more of our time for more important things that need our direct attention.

An IntelliTECH smart home is more energy efficient, safer, and above all easier to live in and operate.

Automation allows you to learn less about the complex devices you have in your home or office and yet be able to enjoy the benefits they provide with the minimum effort on your part.

There are various systems and components that can be automated to match your lifestyle. Lights are one of the most common items that people like to automate. Automation of lights and shades saves money and allows for specific scenes to be set enhancing the beauty of your home and garden.

Imagine getting rid of your alarm clock and instead of waking up to sunlight coming in to your room and soft music playing through your bedroom speakers.

You get home from a very long and tiring day; as you drive into your garage your house senses your arrival… Lights come on in the house to create a pathway from the garage to your bedroom, the house temperature is adjusted to provide you with maximum comfort and your favourite music starts playing in your room.

Before your guests arrive for the evening. All you need to do is to press on a single button “Guests”. The landscape lighting is automatically set highlighting the beautiful Royal Palms in your garden while dimming low around the shrubbery creating an inviting and warm ambiance. Indoors, relaxing music plays at the same volume throughout the salon, reception and foyer. A combination of dimmed lights throughout the house emphasizes the internal architecture and art making your guests feel right at home and your house looks its best!