With today’s multitude of channels and video sources we need the ability to easily access our favorite programs or video library instantly from any room in the house.

Traditionally video distribution has been a single antenna distributing the same signal to multiple TVs in the house. However, satellite TV has more technology intense requirements as people have realized. With a single decoder in the home people are unable to watch more than a single channel throughout the home at any one time.

The aim of multi-room video systems is to ensure that all or some rooms in the house can access their own satellite feed while having full control over the centrally located satellite receiver to change channels from anywhere in the house.

The bigger issue is to access one’s video library from any room and be able to control it effortlessly while still ensuring independent control and viewing of programs from each room.

Traditional systems

These systems tend to be very basic in structure and poor in quality of both audio and video as audio is generally mono. The system uses basic RG-6 or RG-59 coaxial cable to carry the picture and audio signal to several rooms in the house. The signal is distributed via a splitter or low end distribution amplifier resulting in:

Poor picture.
Poor audio.
Mono audio.
Little if any control over the satellite receivers.

Digital systems

Today’s digital systems allow the installer to design and install a very powerful and easy-to-use system for clients. These systems are defined by their clear picture and fine audio quality. Using analogue to digital conversion at the head end allows these systems to distribute signals over hundreds of meters with little-to-no signal loss.

These high-end systems also incorporate the highest levels of control and individuality allowing individuals to control and watch multiple programs simultaneously in multiple rooms.

Enjoy watching your favorite films from any room in the house. You no longer need to look for that DVD or remember where you last left it! All your films are now on a central server accessible from any plasma or LCD panel in the house.

Now you can access your favorite films and watch while simultaneously other members of your family watch other movies in other rooms.