Systems can be as simple as a CD player and amplifier distributed to multiple rooms and controlled via a volume knob mounted in the wall. These systems are very rudimentary and usually end up not being used. Generally they suffer from poor audio quality, minimal control capabilities and inability to play different music in different rooms.

On the other end of the spectrum are fully controlled high end systems providing impeccable audio quality, easy control of all functions ability to select music by genre, artist, playlist etc… You even have the ability to unify or split rooms according to preference. All of this is controlled via a sleek touch panel that is also designed and programmed to control all other equipment and lighting in the home.

Enjoy the pleasures of listening to music throughout your house. Be in full control of what you hear and where you hear it.

With IntelliTECH you have the ability to unify what you hear throughout your house. Be in full control of what you hear and where you hear it. With IntelliTECH you have the ability to unify what you hear throughout your home or listen to different music in each room. You don’t even have to get up to change the CD or lower the volume.

Whole House Audio Systems come in many formats and use different technologies. However, all of them have a basic concept that abounds… Deliver music from a central location to a number of other locations.

Of course as in everything else there are various technologies, features and qualities out there. In the end the more expensive systems will enhance your comfort, controllability and the quality of audio you hear.

In order to create an effective whole house audio system you need the following components:


As with any media there must be a source. Sources can be anything from a tape deck to a dedicated high-end music server.

It has been proven that easier a system is to use and the more convenience it provides the more it will be used. Therefore it is always better to design a system with a dedicated music server or other sources that can be controlled via easily and accurately. The iPod is a client favorite and can now be fully controlled remotely allowing the user to browse playlist and control what they hear exactly as if the iPod were in their hands


Amplifiers come in many different shapes and sizes but they all serve the same purpose which is to amplify the signal that is coming from your MP3 Player or C.D. Your audio quality and volume is directly related to your amplifiers quality and power. The better the amplifier the better your overall sound. The bigger the power supply in it the louder it will play.


Cables carry the signal from the amplifier to the speakers. The better the cables the better the end result. Cheap cables will make your amplifier work harder and operate hotter shortening the life of the component. Don’t forget that in many cases the amplifier has to push the signal tens of meters to reach the speakers so the less resistance it meets along the way the better.


Speakers come in many different shapes and sizes but in the end they all work. What is important is to match the speakers to both the amp and overall quality of your system. There are many good speaker manufacturers and lots of great speakers. The wattage only tells you how loud they will play but it doesn’t tell you if they will sound good at that volume. Ask your installer to recommend speakers as they usually know what sound good in a certain environment.

For Whole House Audio Distribution systems you can select floor standing full range speakers or in wall or in ceiling speakers that virtually disappear. With today’s technology in walls are now sounding almost as good as some floor standers so you can get the best of both worlds: Good sound and reduced clutter.

As for the outdoors, there is a large range of weather resistant speakers ranging from on wall to speakers shaped like garden rocks. Your custom designer should be able to guide you to what would be most suitable for your application and budget.

In the end a good design and installation company will always try and give you the best system within or slightly higher than your budget. Don’t forget that this is basically a marketing tool for them and great for getting your friends that hear the system to go to them for their own requirements. Ask around about the company and see if they have a good reputation and if clients are satisfied before you commit.

Keep in mind that wired systems are still much better than wireless systems, so if you can afford it and it is not too late to lay the infrastructure in your walls always go for a wired system.

Before your guests arrive you press a button on the keypad. Your system goes into party mode and automatically merges the living room, salon and garden creating a single audio zone. The system selects your party playlists as music fills your home.